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Baliwood Land WICE is an event set for worldwide indie filmmakers and content creators to showcase their works and meet one another. The event is scheduled to be held in Sunset Ballroom Sunset Road Kuta Bali, Swiss Belhotel Sunset Road Kuta Bali,  Taman Nusa Gianyar Bali and Baliwood Land on 2020. We’re letting Indie filmmakers and content creator from all around the world with various backgrounds and styles of storytelling to show what they have with the events that we have prepared. We also provide a matchmaking program between content industry and indie film community through Baliwood OTT Content Hub.

 A set of exhibition and meeting is provided for participants from the content industry. Here, you can grow more as a filmmaker and producer, and also market your content. Your content will also be viewed by a Potential Visitors, gaining you more exposure for your contents

About Baliwood OTT Content Hub

The right place for the digital media platform to aggregate community content

About Baliwood Land World Indie Community Events (WICE)

Welcome all Independent Filmmakers Worldwide in the OTT Content Hub

We proudly present also Baliwood Film Trailers World Cup for three main categories, these are:

1. The World Best Trailers for Indie Movies, all Genres (1st winner,2nd winner and 3rd winner).
   (Some different genres such as action, drama, science fiction, comedy, etc, as Categories)

2. The World Best Trailers for Feature Documentary (1st,2nd,3rd winner)

3. The World Best Trailers for Kids Content (1st,2nd, 3rd winner)

All the participants must register also our International Business Film Panel with business matching tables zone will be provided to all participants. We will invite international executive producers community for remake market and potential partners in digital content distribution for Indonesia, Asia and Global market.  ​

As a global independent film community in Bali, we encourage all independent filmmakers around the world to join our film trailers world cup and to join the international film remake and digital market panel, show to the world and enjoy our world independent marketplace.





                                                                              Your Locations


                            Sunset Ballroom Sunset Road Kuta Bali, Swiss Belhotel Sunset Road Kuta Bali 

                                                                                                 Taman Nusa Park, Gianyar Bali

                                                                              Your Booths and Meeting Hub Table

                                                                               Your Maps Locations

                                    SCHEDULE BALIWOOD LAND CITY MARKETPLACE FESTIVAL 2019



Baliwood Land City Marketplace Festival 2019

        Baliwood OTT Content Hub & Baliwood Land World Indie                                                           Community Events ( WICE )


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