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Baliwood World CAKE Content Expo

“Children,Animation,Knowledge, and Edutainment”

a New Tradition from Bali Paradise

Bali, 17 – 19th March 2020 





Welcome to Baliwood World “CAKE” Content Expo ( Children, Animation, Knowledge and Edutainment)   

  a New Tradition from Bali Paradise.

Baliwood World CAKE Content Expo in Bali , meet digital media and global buyers in the exhibition.

Our various global events held in the beautiful island of Bali which includes exhibitions, meetings and awards are the

best opportunities for you e especially to grow more in the kids & animation content industry. Aside from business

holiday city and village , you can also enjoy the beauty of the island itself. 

The world event is an expo program created by Baliwood Land World EO (Superkids division). EO Partner “SMACT “.

Welcome to Baliwood Sunset Road City Festival and welcome also in Baliwood Land, Film Village.

Sunset road is one of the main tourism famous & legendary  street in Bali. Our event will take place spread out in the

street corners such as Swissbell, Fame Hollywood , and Sunset Kuta Ballroom. Digital map will be provided during City

Festival (Fair).


Baliwood Land, World Film Village, Multizones, Cultural-Digital-Empowerment based.

Besides Baliwood World “CAKE” Content Expo,there is also a special zones for The Word Film Projects Fair (WFPF),

WFPF provides also an exhibition zone for ongoing film projects to show the market all the film progress and the

global filming zones, additional event to bring positive energy.


We are inviting also potential Indonesian partners for you and you can deal with your business decision in the nice weather and island.

Booth or table hub reservation , please email to [email protected] or

[email protected], or fill in a form online below (early-bird price).

Big discount pass for content industry visitors (buyers, platforms, distributors,film industry,etc).

Just email your name card to [email protected] or

[email protected]

Booth & table hub participants is invited also to join in Baliwood Land , world film village friendship event. Held in the village, life and

film experiences in the village.

The world event also has the education zones, made for children and mothers who are ready to learn together

about the world of children and film. Children are also taught about kids cinematography basics accompanied by their

parents. In addition to the lessons here, so we are open also opportunities for partners of goods or services to

participate in this expo. Together we learn and get to know the world of children through this expo.

Location of Your Expo

                                                                                  Bali City Festival  Around Sunset Road

Sunset Road Pics :

Beach Nearest (Kuta, Seminyak, Petitenget) :

Amazing Balinese Culture



Booth or table hub reservation pls email to [email protected]m or [email protected]

*All participants can also submit their one best film to join Baliwood World Kids Cultural Film Award

*Indonesia Visa-Free Entry for 169 countries​
Nationals of 167 countries and 2 special regions can get a free 30-day non extendable visa.Source; 

*Apec Business Travel Card (Free Business Visa 60 Days for Card Holder)

“Our global event is also to become a world friendship, a New Tradition. We will invite visitors /delegates from our Big Data more than 100.000 persons in charge of entire world content marketplace to visit, enjoy and meet together in Bali paradise island”.

**Registration tour Baliwood Land, world film village, on the spot.

***EO Partner “SMACT” http://www.smactivation.com/

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Children, Animation, Knowledge, and Edutainment

(a New Tradition from Bali Paradise) BALI, 17 – 19th  MARCH 2020

Baliwood Camp &Superkids TV, Jl Pura Demak 26, Pemecutan Klod, Denpasar, Bali 80119

www.Baliwoodflix.com, www.superkidstvcollege.com , www.Baliwoodworldevents.com

Baliwood Land, Abiansemal Dauh Yeh Cani- village, Baliwoodland cluster, Badung, Bali

www.Baliwoodland.com, www.worldvillagecampus.com



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